Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Thanksgiving Edition

Yet another activity laden week has sped by.  We are slowly creeping towards Christmas and the end of another year.  I find this very unbelievable at the moment!

Monday, the husband was off work and so we had a family fun day.   First we rang the bell for the Salvation Army, then had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant before heading over to play putt-putt.




Olivia had a two hour Nutcracker practice Monday evening, so I dropped her off and did a little retail therapy.  I really don’t like to shop, so I don’t think it was particularly therapeutic.

Tuesday was a regular school day.  We spent time working on our core subjects and our mini-Thanksgiving unit.   Lindsey had a one hour Nutcracker practice in the evening.   We also picked up our official t-shirts and personalized ornaments for this year.



Wednesday was SUPPOSED to be a very short school day followed by putting up our classroom Christmas tree.  What actually happened was one of the children (name not given to protect the pride somewhat) managed to turn her 1-2 hours worth of school work into a 7 hour marathon.  I kid you not.  So the tree didn’t go up, and my patience went way down.

Thursday I was up early cooking and then we loaded everyone up and drove a little over an hour to finish preparations and then eat dinner with my family.  For the first time ever, it was a nice family Thanksgiving and everyone got along….sadly, that’s the truth.

Friday was declared an emergency scrapbooking day.   I’m a chronological scrapper, and I haven’t scrapped since last December.  So I managed to knock out 34 12X12 layouts and 3 8X8 layouts in about 10 hours of scrapbooking.  What a mess to clean up!


I did take a break from scrapbooking long enough to run downtown to see the National Christmas Tree (and Santa, Elfis and Smokey the Bear). 

That was a glimpse of our week.  I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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