Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day

Our lovely neighbor, Ms. Kay, is a native of Luxembourg.  She is a walking history book.  She fluently speaks seven different languages.  She’s a renowned seamstress.  The girls and I love to sit and chat with her and listen to stories of her childhood in Luxembourg. 

It’s through those chats that we’ve come to “celebrate” St. Nicholas Day on December 6 of each year.   Now when I say celebrate, I mean that each year we do something different for Ms. Kay, to remind her of her homeland and childhood. This year we decided to make her a Boxemännercher  (a local pastry shaped like a stylized man, representing Saint Nicholas. He may be decorated with pieces of chocolate or raisins for eyes and buttons. The figures are made of sweetened yeast dough just for December 6th, St. Nicholas Day.)  Below is what he is SUPPOSED to look like.

Bread man

Here is what ours actually looked like.  Sad little man, isn’t he?   The poor dear is blind, as Lindsey ate all the raisins…sigh.


The girls also made this lovely card.



What we received in return was a lovely dear lady, in tears.   We definitely got the best end of the deal!

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