Friday, December 28, 2012

We Survived Christmas!

I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas.   Ours was busy (typical), stressful (semi-typical) but grand (typical).    We  always spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws, and then Christmas day we go to my Mom’s.  This year was a bit more hectic as Mom had been on an extended stay in the hospital, and then they released her midday on Christmas.   So I had to shift gears and go pick her up, take her home and prepare the Christmas meal at her house.

Here are a few Christmas photos from the combined events.

Christmas 2012 006Christmas 2012 007

Christmas 2012 040

My husband returned to work on Wednesday and we returned to our lessons.  We’ve gotten a lot accomplished in these three days.   Later today we’ll be going on a field trip to the Woodrow Wilson Library and Museum to celebrate Woodrow’s birthday.

We’ll be taking a short break for New Year’s and the husbands birthday.  During that time I’ll be working on a new schedule for both school and housework (woohoo).  School and extra curricular activities will return to normal on January 2.   Have a great weekend!

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