Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The First Week of 2013

Wow, we’re already one week into 2013!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed bringing in the New Year with your family.   We let the girls stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.  We turned on the radio and “got dooooown” as Lindsey likes to say.  By 12:05 everyone was fast asleep, including me!

New Year’s Day we went  to Thomas’ parents house for yet another holiday meal.   I never understood the reason behind the mandatory black eyed peas, kraut and pork meal.   However, my father-in-law fries up some killer tenderloin so I was happy.   I ate 2 black eyed peas, yes two (they taste like dirt to me).

January 2nd is Thomas’ birthday.  The girls and I baked him a cake and fixed his requested meal of hamburgers and fries (my goodness the price of hamburger has gone through the roof!)   He returned to work on the 2nd, we started lessons up, his mother ended up in the hospital and the girls and I returned to Awana.  Full day, huh?

Our weekly co-op also restarted today.  The girls were glad to be back with their friends.  However, there were a lot of families missing this week as the flu is still sweeping through our area.  Later in the evening Olivia had her first youth group meeting of the new year as well.

I’m looking forward to a very low key weekend.   There is no Weekly Wrap Up link this week, but I still wanted to share our goings on.

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  1. I call black-eyes peas "dirt in a can"! I can remember my mom lining us up on New Year's Day and MAKING us eat a spoonful. I dreaded it every year! Gag! I refuse to eat them now. My sister loved them, however, and sent me a photo of her FULL BOWL she ate this year. She even fed one pea to her 5 month old. I hope she gets enough good luck for both of us!!

    We have had the flu running through here, too. Only one of us have had it so far and are praying it stays away!

    Have a relaxing weekend!!


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