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The Ultimate Free Blogging Planner - Review

I am an organizational junkie.  Seriously, my children are in 2nd and 4th grades and I already have their high school academics planned out.   Planning is an addiction for me.  Perhaps there is a 12 step program that can help?  Over Planners Anonymous maybe?

Having said all that, one area that I have been remiss in is blog planning.  Gasp!  It’s true, I just blog at will.   Or at least I did, but now that I have The Ultimate Free Blogging Planner from Say Not Sweet Anne, even my blogging is becoming a well thought out machine.   Ok, maybe that is a bit of a stretch.   In all seriousness the planner is helping me keep better track of product review schedules, blog hops and carnivals. 

I’m TOTALLY loving the fact that there is a important information sheet at the beginning where I can store  site, URL and password information.  This may seem silly, but you’ll appreciate this page when your automatic log in isn’t working and you can’t remember what freaky word you used at each site….not that I’ve ever had to change a password, AHEM.  Moving on…


I love that you can pick what color you want. Color choices are blue, teal, purple, pink, gray and black/white. To be honest purple is my all time favorite color, and it would have been my color of choice, IF I had a color printer. Since I don’t I picked black and white. Now if you are like me and you don’t have a color printer, you can save the file to a thumb drive or CD and take it to Staples or Office Max and have it printed and bound for a pretty reasonable price.

Here’s a peek at the purple. (I borrowed these photos from Say Not Sweet Anne’s site, with the owner’s permission.)  Isn’t it lovely?

Blog Planner 2013 Free

I love the blog tracking section. Each week there is space to track your progress, make to-do lists, jot down ideas and write notes!

In addition to being able to pick your favorite color, you also have three different planner options in each color.  I would have included the individual links, but there is a separate link for each planner, in each color.  You can see all the links in all the colors at one time at the download site.

1. The 86 page Blogging Planner:  In addition to the two page monthly calendar layout, this option also offers a place to record statistics such as blog posts, comments, visits, subscribers, likes and followers by week.

2. The 144 page Blogging Planner with notes:   This option has all of the features in #1 above, but also includes added pages for notes before and after each monthly calendar.

3.  The 88 page Planner:  This option deletes the record pages for statistics and a few of the note pages.


When this gal adds note pages, she adds LOTS of them.  Too many in my opinion.    There are 3 pages for notes BEFORE each monthly calendar and three pages AFTER.   Maybe I’m just a poor note taker, but 6 pages of notes per month is a bit much, not to mention it’s a big waste of ink as far as I’m concerned.  This of course is easily rectified by printing several pages at a time and skipping the ones you don’t want or need.

The price can’t be beat, it’s FREE!  Yes, free as in costs you absolutely nothing other than your time, paper and ink.   There is one small string attached, you have to like Say Not Sweet Anne on Facebook in order to download the planner.  A small price to pay for a freebie!

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  1. I love this planner too! I confess I had already printed out and had bound the one from Confessions of a Homeschooler before this review was assigned, but if I hadn't, I probably would have picked this one! In fact, Hubby was jealous of my blog planner (he didn't even have a blog!) and begged me to print him one and help him set up a blog. I printed him the black-and-white one from Say Not Sweet Anne (and put a bug in her ear about a less floral one for next year).

  2. I didn't pick this because it did seem like it was a lot of pages but I could use some notes in the one I had there wasn't much space for notes at all. Great review.

  3. Another purple fan! I love purple too. Great Review.


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