Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–5 Straight Days!

For the first time in a long time, we managed to have 5 straight days of school this week!  (Our co-op doesn’t meet on the first Friday of the month.)  My husbands work schedule was weird this week, which made our schedule a bit odd, but it was nice to have him home a couple of evenings.  As of today, we only have 65 lessons to go before our academic year is completed.  Woot!

Language Arts: Olivia continues to work on sentence diagraming.  She took her second big test of this grading period and scored a 93.  I was pleased with that, but she was annoyed at being below an A.  (We are currently using Abeka which has tests/grades, in case you are wondering.)

Lindsey has been working on creative writing, punctuation and capitalization rules.  Lots of little quirky stories have been written, and some pretty good paragraphs about the American flag and a few of our founding fathers.

Spelling:  Both girls have shown improvement in this subject this week.  The biggest issue for Lindsey is getting in a hurry and leaving a letter out when writing.  This week, I had her read back over her test before she turned it in and she spotted her own errors and fixed them.  Olivia’s biggest issue is failure to study for spelling tests, ahem.  This was rectified by loss of tv privileges until scores came up, and surprise and A was achieved.

Math:  Lindsey completed her Math Mammoth Money book this week. It was wonderful to see her master something that had so confused her only a few weeks ago. I LOVE Math Mammoth.  In her Abeka work she started working on her multiplications tables, and more Roman numerals.

Olivia’s still plowing through fractions.  This week she moved into multiplying fractions.  Multiplying fractions isn’t hard, she totally understands that.  However, the crazy way Abeka wants you to show the answer is totally confusing, which again helped solidify my resolve to change curriculum for the upcoming term.

Piano:  Lindsey began lesson this month.  I’m really stunned at how well she’s doing.  What I find more stunning is how much better Olivia has become now that she see’s her little sister gaining ground.  Heh heh heh.

Tap/ballet:  We are about a month away from the Performance Awards and both girls are in constant practice mode.  I hear these musical pieces in my sleep.  Rolls for the upcoming spring ballet have been announced as well.  The production will be “Snow White”.  Olivia’s glass will be nightingales and Lindsey’s class will be fairies or some such thing.  They bring gifts to Snow White.

Awana:  Lindsey finished her book for the year and is beginning the review process.  Olivia will be finished next week and then we’ll begin her extra credit projects.  This week, Olivia had to make a diorama of a Bible story (there were three to choose from).  She picked Paul & Silas and the centurion.   I think she did a wonderful job!

Abeka for sale 001

Abeka for sale 002

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