Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The Hot One!

April in Virginia is lovely, and it keeps you on your toes.  Last week we had snow and sleet.  This week we’ve hit the 90’s.  The good news is that the oppressive summer humidity hasn’t moved in, so the 90’s have been quite nice. I dare not break out all the summer clothing yet, I know there must be at least one good cold spell left to go through.

I often mention the morning walks that Olivia and I go on.  This week I actually remembered to take the camera and capture some  photos to share with you.   It’s a lovely little walk with lots of built in nature study opportunities.

Here is what greets us each morning as we walk into the park.  This  little island in the middle of the fish pond is it’s own little world.  Notice the male swan directly in front of the island, and the mother swan to the back right, sitting on her new eggs.


Here’s a better shot of the mother swan on her nest.  I can’t wait to take pictures of her babies when they hatch…they are truly some ugly little creatures.


The pond is home to ducks, geese, the swans and lots of fish, big  fish.  The fish below are roughly 18 inches in length.


The warm days and sunshine have caused many of the bushes and flowering trees to bud already.  There are forsythias, dogwoods, tulip trees and this beautiful weeping cherry tree (and my beautiful smiling daughter).



This was one of “those” weeks with Olivia.  She was just…off.  It took me until the end of the week to figure out that her allergies have kicked in and she’s feeling kind of muddled.   Math is Olivia’s favorite subject, and her strongest subject as well…and it’s the one where “issues” show up when something is causing her wires to get crossed.  Thursday I started her on Claritin and I could already tell a bit of a difference by Friday morning.

Lindsey continues to plow through second grade.  She’s a strong reader and can be found reading late into the night.  Yet, her phonics test scores are poor.  It’s an odd situation indeed. 

This has also been the dreaded “stage week” at ballet.  Friday night will be the “Broadway Musical” and then Saturday is the Performance Awards.  Olivia will be working through Level 3B and Lindsey will be Level 2.   By Saturday we’ll have had ballet 5 out of the 6 days this week.

Our family has decided to host a child this summer through the Fresh Air Fund.  The girls are SO excited about this opportunity.  We had our home visit on Thursday.  Now we wait for our background checks to process and our personal references.

Friday was co-op, followed by a dinner from McDonald’s drive thru on our mad dash to get home and get the van unloaded and everyone changed into their outfits for tonight's “Broadway Show” for the tap/hip-hop/jazz performance.

Only 26 more days of school!   Linking up with the Homeschool Review and Weekly Wrap Up.

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  1. The cherry tree picture is beautiful! We had snow here in MN this week, so no tree blossoms for a while in our area! :-)

  2. Hi! I love your nature pictures. I just posted a photo of a swan on her nest too - it's funny to think your swan is nesting in temperatures in the 90's while here in England we are basking in temperatures in the low 60's :-D


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