Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jamberry - Review

In another lifetime (before marriage, kids, homeschooling and a tight budget) I worked in a high dollar industry, and dressed the part.  I had my nails done weekly and loved it.  The nails were the first things to go when my lifestyle changed and my budget tightened.

Painting my nails on my own went out the window too, because they never had time to dry without getting smudged and smeared by a diaper or kid.  So I’ve basically had plain old nails for years now.

One of my gal pals introduced me to a new product called Jamberry Nails and sent me some samples to try out.  I think you guys are going to like this one!   She sent me a Juniors sample pack.  I sat down one Saturday night and worked up all kinds of patterns on the girls hands.

Ty`Nique 087

Applying the Jamberry wraps is pretty simple and straight forward.  The only real issue I had with putting the wraps on the girls is that their little nails are so small, and I didn’t have a proper pair of “nail scissors”…so some of the edges seen in the photo above are choppy.  Totally my fault, not the products fault.

There are SO many styles to choose from…sports, hobbies, collegesflorals and of course animal prints!   Tons of gorgeous colors, designs and prints!  Amy  sent me a full package of the Sheet Music wraps and they are too cute.


Each pack contains enough wraps (in various sizes) to do your nails 2-3 times, depending on the length of your nails.   The $15 cost is less than you pay for 1 nail job at a nail shop, so it’s definitely a good deal.

Do you need a bunch of extra equipment to use Jamberry Nails?   No, not necessarily.   I used this hodge podge of “equipment”, however I will say I’d suggest you get a pair of nail scissors or similar type scissors…my kitchen shears were a bit cumbersome, ahem.


Regardless of my lack of decent scissors, I still had a professional looking set of nails finished in less than 30 minutes, not bad for my first attempt at putting them on myself.  The nails were a big hit at our homeschool group picnic!

Showering and washing dishes have not caused the nail wraps to loosen and come off.   Swimming for extended periods of time does however cause them to loosen and float away.  Stay away from the pool and you can easily get 2 weeks of wear out of each set of wraps.  Removal is as simple as…well soaking your hands in water and peeling them off…see where the pool was a bad choice?

To find out more, and to order your own nail wraps, check out my friend Amy’s Jamberry page or you can check our her Facebook Page.

I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.  I received no other compensation for my review, nor was I required to write a positive review.

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