Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Nutcracker Madness Begins

Let’s say for all intensive purposes, that our week began this past Saturday.  It was the official role announcement and costume fittings for the intermediate level ballet dancers, my girls are in that group.  

Lindsey will be a mouse and a pastry chef, Olivia will be part of the “Fairy Court” and will be onstage with the Sugar Plum Fairy.   The amount of giddiness was a bit much for this mom, combined with 4 hours of helping to shove girls into costumes and rethink costumes and pin costumes, and …yeah, you get the point.  Now that we know the roles, we have the beloved Nutcracker craziness rehearsal schedule.  Yeah, so from now until December 14 we only have one non-ballet Saturday.  ONE.  Sigh.

This is our 6th week of school.  With our new 6-weeks on, 1-week off schedule, this should be our last week, but alas. I had to drag out our explorer’s unit to 7 weeks to get everyone covered.  I picked up a huge stack of library books for us to plow through next week.

Jr. Analytical Grammar is really working well for us.  I’ve found that if we work through the exercises together on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they are both ready for their unit test on Thursday.   They are both doing much better on their tests after trying this method, although, nobody really likes diagramming.


Spelling is going much more smoothly now that I both girls on the same level of work.  It pushes Lindsey a bit to keep up with Olivia, after all there is a 2 year gap.  But I find that she’s quite capable of handling the extra pressure.

Math – Olivia was introduced to the calculator this week.   She was so excited!  I even bought her a pink calculator for $1.   Little did she know that by getting the calculator she’d be working on the concept of “powers”.   Math was long this week.   Lindsey is moving into the concept of multiplication.   I find it intriguing that she can memorize the multiplication tables MUCH more easily than the addition facts.

Magellan and Cortes where our topics in history this week.   It’s sad to know that poor Magellan died before finishing his round the world journey.  I guess that’s what you get for trying to prove a point to thousands of natives when you’re completely outnumbered.   I’m sure Cortes was proud of himself for wiping out the Aztec’s.   These two are even lower on the popularity poll that Da Gama and Columbus!

That’s pretty much our week, other than co-op, Awana, ballet and piano lessons.  Ahem.  

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