Thursday, January 16, 2014

Revolutionary War Unit Study

We’ve just finished up a 6 week unit on the American Revolution.  This has been one of my favorite studies.   I broke it up into three sections, famous women, famous men and famous places/events of the war.  The last week of our study we looked at the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the three branches of government more in depth.  We added a LOT of pages to our history notebooks during this unit study.


I found a really helpful website called  Patriotic Coloring Pages .  I printed off sheets on the Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, Paul Revere’s Ride and the Thirteen Colonies Map (to name just a few) to add to the girls history notebooks.   They like to color while we do read alouds and this helps keep them focused on what we’re reading.

Homeschool Share has a wealth of resources, and we incorporated many of those into our unit, including:

American Revolution Time Line
Men of American Revolution Notebook Pages
Women of American Revolution Notebook Pages
Places and Events of the American Revolution
American Revolution Game Kit

As with all of our unit studies, we did a LOT of reading.  I’ve included a very comprehensive list of resources for you.

Library Resources:  Famous Places & Events of the Revolution

Liberty Kids, Valley Forge; DVD by Reader’s Digest
American History for Children; DVD by Schlessinger Media
The Battle of Lexington & Concord; by Scott P. Waldman
Paul Revere’s Ride; by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Crossing the Delaware; by Louise Peacock
The Stamp Act of 1765; by Michael Burgan
The Battle of Bunker Hill; by Scott Ingram
Valley Forge; by Michael Burgan
The Boston Tea Party; by Kevin Cunningham
The Boston Massacre; by Peter Benoit
The Battle of Yorktown; by Dee Ready
Independence Hall; by Sandra Steen and Susan Steen
The Thirteen Colonies; by Brendan January

Library Resources:  Famous Women of the Revolution

Bring Us Water, Molly Pitcher!; by Michael Dahl
Molly Pitcher; by Christy DeVillier
Betsy Ross; by Jane Duden
The Flag Maker; by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Those Remarkable Women of the American Revolution; by Karen Zeinert
Women of the American Revolution; by Louise Chipley Slavieck
Great Women of the American Revolution; by Michael Burgan
Independent Dames; by Laurie Halse Anderson

Library Resources: Famous Men of the Revolution

John Adams; by Anne Welsbacher
The American Revolution for Students; DVD by Schlessinger Media
One Nation Under God; DVD from Learn Our History
America’s War of Independence 1763-1783; by David Rubel
The American Revolution, How We Fought the War of Independence; by Edward F. Dolan
The Light and the Glory for Children; by Peter Marshal & David Manuel
Little Hands Celebrate America; by Jill Frankel Hauser
Samuel Adams, Son of Liberty, Father of Revolution; by Benjamin H. Irvin
Revolutionary War Heroes, Ethan Allen; by Virginia Aronson
Benedict Arnold; by Susan R. Gregson
Revolutionary War Leaders, John Burgoyne; by Daniel E. Harmon
Charles Cornwallis; by Lewis K. Parker
American Patriot, Benjamin Franklin; by Michael Burgan
Benjamin Franklin, A Man of Many Talents; by Kathryn Hoffman Satterfield
Revolutionary War Leaders, John Hancock; by Ann Graham Gaines
Profiles of the Presidents, Andrew Jackson; by Barbara Somervill
Nathan Hale, Revolutionary Spy; by Nathan Olson
Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May?; by Jean Fritz
Revolutionary War Leaders, Thomas Paine; by Bruce and Becky Durost Fish
Meet George Washington; by Joahn Heilbroner
George vs. George, The American Revolution as Seen From Both Sides; by Rosalyn Schanzer
George Washington, A Picture Book Biography; by James Cross Giblin
Revolutionary Friends, General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette; by Selene Castrovilla
John Paul Jones; by Melanie Zucker Stanley
Paul Revere; by Lisa Trumbauer
Revolutionary War Leaders, King George III; by Ann Graham Gaines
Revolutionary War Leaders, Anthony Wayne; by Patricia Grabowski
Revolutionary War Leaders, Nathanael Greene; by Meg Greene
Revolutionary War Leaders, Patrick Henry; by Joann A. Grote
The Constitution; by Geoffrey M. Horn
The National Anthem; by Pamela Dell
The Liberty Bell and the Fight for Independence; by Margo Lundell
The Star Spangled Banner; by Calvert Gamwell

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