Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Homeschool Day–February Edition

One Homeschool Day February

This month I’m showing you what our typical Tuesday’s look like (specifically February 18), for now.  We’ll be wrapping up basketball in 3 weeks, so the calendar will thin out a bit then.

Lindsey, as usual, is up by about 7:15 and that’s when I stumble out of the bed.  Olivia is the last to get up, sometimes sleeping until 9 or later.  This particular morning she was up by 7:30.  After a quick breakfast the girls make their beds and get ready to start the day.


8:30 First we work on our Bible verse for the week.  We’ve been working on Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Then we moved on to spelling drills, followed by Word Roots and Reading Detectives.


By 10:00 am we were cold and moved up to the sun porch to work on history.  We’re studying the War of 1812, so today we focused on Francis Scott Key and the “Star Spangled Banner”.  I have a really cool pop up book about the “Star Spangled Banner”, so we used that in our studies.


I also had each girl sing the song start to finish.   Olivia has such a lovely voice!   Lindsey can hit noises only little animals can hear, ahem.


After we finished up our history work, it was close to noon, so we took a lunch break.  We had fluffenutters and Cheezits for lunch.  Nothing fancy here ya’ll.


Math was first on the agenda after our lunch break.   Olivia had an online video to watch during her lesson, and Lindsey learned how to measure perimeter.


Lindsey finished up her math first and then she went on to her daily list (piano, spelling, reading, math facts, Awana verses).  And yes, that is her pajama’s midway through the day.


Once her list was finished, it was on to Lego’s.  These have been a huge hit in the house this week.  Funny how toys go in cycles like that.


Once Olivia finished up her math, she moved on to her independent list (Awana verses, piano, spelling and reading).  She likes to read and work on her Bible verses in her royal room.



1:00pm Olivia worked on her diorama for co-op.  It’s based on Call of the Wild, and I think it turned out lovely, although the hot glue gun was killed in the process.



By 2:00 pm, the girls had finished up their school work and chores.  They spent the afternoon playing with Lego’s and I tried to work up a plan for next year’s academics.


By 3:30 the girls are getting into their leotards and working on their buns.  4:00 pm until 6:15pm is ballet.


After ballet we come home and grab a quick snack and let the girls change clothes.  Then we’re back out the door for basketball practice from 7-8pm.


By 8:15 we’re home, with a $5 take out pizza for dinner.  That’s right folks, I don’t always have a yummy hot meal waiting on the troops.  Shocking I know.


By 8:37 pm the kids have had dinner and are preparing for bed.  By 10:20 pm I’ve finished writing this post and am now heading to bed myself.   Sweet dreams!

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  1. I love reading your day! I can't hit the note in that song but I love that you included it in history. We've done some homeschool planning for next year here as well, and purchasing. Will you be sharing your plans on the blog anytime?

    As for $5 pizza, we live around the corner from one. Such a bad thing for the budget but so handy when I don't want to cook!

    1. Yeah, signing is not my strong suit either...but I do have that whole "joyful noise" down pat!

      I'm hoping to finalize my curriculum picks in the next week or so, and then I'll be posting about it. Although I may post what I think I'm doing and ask for input from readers.


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