Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–So Long March

In saying goodbye to March I hope to be saying goodbye to snow.  Yes, we did in fact have MORE snow this week…right after two days of 70 degree weather.  Sigh.

During those two wonderful spring like days we went on a couple of field trips.  The first was to the Virginia Museum of the Civil War, to go along with our current unit study.  Our second field trip was to a local airport..just because we could.

New Market Battlefield 064

You may (or may not) remember back in February when I mentioned that both of the girls entered a poster to the local Poison Prevention Poster Contest.   Well surprisingly enough Lindsey won 1st place and a $50 gift card and her poster is going to the NATIONAL competition.   Olivia took 3rd place and earned a $15 gift card.  Pretty awesome huh?

In history this week we focused on the main military leaders of the Civil War.  I was surprised to learn that Ulysses S. Grant’s birth name was Hiram Ulysses Grant.  I also didn’t know that George Armstrong Custer was a major player in the battles in our area.  I’m learning as much as the kids are, which I love.  Oh, and along those lines both girls won scholarships (based on their essays and drawings) to attend a Civil War Camp and Reenactment this summer.

Both girls are coming to the end of their math units.  Olivia has been working on fractions in so many different ways, but she’s doing well.  Lindsey has been working on measurements (both English and metric).  They’ll have their unit test next week and then we’ll prepare for the year end testing for our state.

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