Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Finishing Projects

Here it is ya’ll, what I’ve been working towards all summer.  The remaking of my kitchen is complete!  Someone happy dance with me!


Then the very next day, Lindsey and I began working on her bedroom.  Her bedroom is on the opposite side of the kitchen.  When I removed the door and added a wall, it meant there was a new wall in her room as well, so…a little “strawberry splash” on the walls.  She’s LOVING it.


Once all the painting was kind of wrapped up, I set out to deep clean the house.  I gave the girls their list of tasks, which apparently sounded like more than it was.  It was met with some grumbling, which truthfully is out of character for either of the girls.  Once their task list was completed, they were given another task…and an impromptu speech about the perils of grumbling.


Several hours into their weed pulling, they realized the error of their ways.   They did however do a really good job.


I’m heading out of town for a few days with my best friend.  We’ll be tearing up the town with the Women of Faith Conference.   The theme this year is “From Survival to Revival”…and I’m so in that place right now!

Have a great weekend!

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