Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Science and Sling Shots

We’ve had another pretty good week here at Learning Curve.  On Saturday, the girls had costume fittings and role announcements for this year’s Nutcracker.   Olivia will be a Russian, Arabian and a soldier.  Lindsey will be a party girl and Arabian.  I will be busy, yes very busy.

With the exception of my being EXTREMELY fatigued all week, things have gone really well.  I feel like someone has just  drained every ounce of energy out of me, which may or may not have cause a bit of crankiness as well, but I digress.

Before I forget, I’m hosting a give away this week.  I have a copy of the book Rubber Band Mania up for grabs.  Be sure to pop over here and enter for a chance to win.


In Language Arts, Lindsey is preparing to work on a  research paper unit.  She mailed a letter to the state capital asking for anything they might have that would help her learn about the state.  She was thrilled to receive a huge package containing work books on the state governing, industries, symbols and lots more.


Science: we mostly reviewed what we’ve learned about matter, and added to our science notebooks.   We did however create a little water cycle project.  I up cycled and old candle jar and then had the girls layer rocks, sand and top soil in the jar.  We then added a little container of water (a medicine dispenser cup) and a couple of the “hens & chicks” from my flower bed.



The girls were really happy when they started to see the condensation building up on the lid, causing the rain to fall.   We might add a few miniature pieces to this and make it a fairy garden, if it does well.

History:  We are continuing our combined Wild West/Native American unit study.   We took the opportunity to combine those studies with the Rubber Band Mania review and created sling shots.


Thursday was hectic.  I had to run a family member to a doctor appointment, followed by our monthly Activity Day (and my 2 hour board meeting), and of course then off to ballet.  So yeah, it was busy.

Friday is normally our short day, but we had to make up for what me didn’t get to on Thursday.  We’re also adding a couple of boys to the mix this afternoon….so I’m thinking our Friday tea may get put off this week.

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