Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Ballet and Rain

We built a solar oven last week and it’s been rainy or cloudy every day since then.  I’m hoping next week will be at least sunny so we can give it a try, and so I can finish up my blog post and get the solar oven out of my sunroom. 

Both girls performed this past weekend in the International Dance Acclaim, which is a skill level competition in classical ballet.  Dancers are competing against the standard in their skill level, not against the other dancers.   Olivia and Lindsey both did an excellent job, scoring highly and bringing home gold with honors and high commendations.


Lindsey finished up her literature curriculum this week.  We’ll be reviewing parts of speech and sentence diagramming the remainder of the year.  Olivia has a couple more weeks left in her language arts.

We’ve finished our research and studying of World War II.  Next week we have a field trip and a personal interview scheduled and then I’ll post our unit study.

Tomorrow is our last basketball game of the season, and our big wrap up awards ceremony.  Ballet’s spring break is next week.  I’m slowing seeing white space take shape on the calendar.

Nothing overly exciting going on over here this week.  Just plugging along.  How was your week?

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