Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Back to the Grindstone

This was our first week back after a pretty busy spring break.  I admit that I thrive on the routine of our school day. 

Our homeschool support group held the annual business meeting on Tuesday. I was once again voted in as President, so I’m knee deep in planning the upcoming year for 125+/- families.

We are almost finished for the year.  Both girls have finished their language arts curriculum.  Before break we wrapped up our last history unit study of the year.  We have one more week in science and both girls have a bit more writing.   The girls have less than 20 lessons to go in math.  They each have to complete at least one math lesson a day, but a free to do as many as they’d like beyond that.   I anticipate we’ll be totally finished by the end of the month.

In other news, Olivia’s glasses arrived on Wednesday.   She’s quite happy with the selection she made (although I still say this 70’s flashback look isn’t my favorite).


Olivia also received her farm assignment for the John Lewis Society.   She will be spending the next year working in the Indian Village.  She loves learning about Indians, so this is a great fit for her, although she was a bit bummed to find that the Indian Village doesn’t have costumes for the JLS team like all the other farms have.

I found out last week that both girls are performing next weekend at a benefit for our local Cinderella Project.   The Cinderella Project is a non-profit organization that provides prom/formal dresses to girls who can't otherwise afford them, so that they don’t miss out on attending prom.   This is very exciting, but the performance is at the exact same time as Olivia’s birthday party on Saturday, so we’ve had to do a lot of shuffling of schedules.

Speaking of ballet, we were able to see the Richmond Ballet II perform on Saturday night. I loved the classical ballet, but honestly the contemporary dancing was not at all appealing (not to mention a bit inappropriate), and the music grated on my nerves like sandpaper. 

Now that our academic load has lightened, and the weather has turned, we’ve started back into our morning walk routine.  Hopefully this will mean that I’ll lighten up some too, grins.   Rain has hindered us several days this week, but we’re heading out in a few to go see the refurbished duck pond and the swans.   I’ll have photos to share next week.

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  1. Oh how exciting to be spending the next year working in the Indian Village! My heritage is Indian (Occaneechi Tribe). Also, my brother in laws kids grew up on a reservation in Oklahoma. I wish her a great adventure. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. We have Cherokee and Shawnee in our bloodline, and she LOVES all things Indian, so she's thrilled with her assignment. Tomorrow is her first "day on the job".

  2. I, too, thrive on the routine of our school day! I love coming back to school after a break :)

    1. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one then! Thanks for stopping by!


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