Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Robots and Aprons

Whew, it has been a scorcher in Virginia this week.  I’m so thankful we got the AC fixed before this heat set in !   Too bad the van died again, and I’ve had to drive the husbands non-air conditioned car all week.  (First world problems, right?!)

We’ve had a busy week.   Both girls have been at camp during the day.  Olivia goes from 9-3 in one location and Lindsey is from 9-4 in another place.   I’ve had to rush to drop one off early, then drive like wild 15 minutes back in the other direction to drop off the other.  Ballet camp starts at 4:40, so we’ve just been eating a snack in the van and then the girls get changed at the ballet studio.  They have had a great time, I’ve been a bit rushed.

Olivia has spent the week at her Mechatronics Camp.   The local news even did a little coverage, you can see the link here, and see how quickly you can spot her.    Although she has enjoyed this camp, she has determined that this is not the field she wants to go into when she grows up. 

Camp 2015 051

The girls built and programmed their Boe-Bot (Board of Education-Bot), designed their own mazes and worked in teams on a PowerPoint and oral presentation.   That’s a lot in a 30 hour week!  They also got to keep their Boe-Bot and manual so that they can reprogram and do other things with it at home.

Camp 2015 055

Camp 2015 063

Lindsey has spent the week at a history camp at the same museum Olivia works at.   She was mostly on the 1820’s American farm.  She’s never been a huge history fan, but working in costumes has really sparked her interest and she’s now wanting to join the JLS when she’s old enough.

On the last day of camp, all the various farms (and countries) prepare a feast and gather for a midday meal.   Parents are invited to come during the preparation time and stay for the feast.   Lindsey’s group made apple pies and a huge salad.  The pie was delish!

Camp 2015 009Camp 2015 014

Preheating the Dutch oven (below).

Camp 2015 019

Camp 2015 021

Camp 2015 023

Camp 2015 026

After about 35 minutes, this lovely pie was cooling by the hearth.

Camp 2015 047

Camp 2015 042

Camp 2015 038

The shoes obviously weren’t authentic and it threw the ensemble off a bit, but it’s still a good look, grins.

That’s our incredibly busy week in a nutshell.  I hope you’ve had a great week!

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  1. Both of those camps look FANTASTIC! My son would love making that robot (Big Hero 6 fan!) and my daughter would love living in history like that. Heck, I think I would love both those camps! Fun week!


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