Monday, August 3, 2015

Generally Speaking

Writing a “Day in the Life” type post is hard.  Mostly because things change so often the posts really aren’t a good representation of life at all.   So I’ll share a bit of our schedule, generally speaking.

While some folks have a set wake up time, I prefer to let the girls wake up on their own.  Typically Lindsey is up around 7am, and Olivia can be up anywhere from 7-9am, after 9 I wake her up like it or not.

Breakfast usually follows, consisting of milk, cereal or waffles and morning meds for the girls.  I may or may not have breakfast (although I’m trying to get on task with Trim Healthy Mama and that may all be changing for me).

While the kids eat, I have my morning devotions.   When breakfast is over they move on to morning hygiene and chores, while I get dinner in the crockpot.   While I don’t do a crockpot meal EVERY day, I do use it quite often.  This particular day I’m loading potatoes into the crockpot to bake.


Once morning chores are done the girls will get started on their independent studies (writing, typing, spelling and reading) while I get a shower and check morning email.   Admittedly, I can get a bit caught up in the web (rightly named) and have to really keep an eye on myself.

Latin, language arts, math, science and geography follow as each girl finishes up her independent work.   In the past we’ve finished up our school day by around 1pm.   That may change this year as I’ve added a few more subjects.

Lunch is typically sandwiches, soup or occasionally pancakes.   Leftovers normally go in the husbands lunch box, but on occasion there is enough for us as well.

The afternoon and evening is where the schedule gets more wonky.  The girls do have lots of free time to pursue interests like knitting, guitar, Lego’s, and art.  Additionally they have plenty of time to read and finish up labs and Bible study.

Monday is laundry day an in the afternoon is piano, and then 90 minutes of ballet in the evening.

Tuesday we work on housework and in the evening the girls have  Bright Lights.

Wednesday is 90 minutes of ballet followed by a mad dash to church.

Thursday is once again laundry day, and again 90 minutes of ballet, and once a month I have a board meeting as well.

Friday afternoon the girls have IEW in someone else’s home, and I hit the library for our next weeks books.  Cleaning is completed as time permits.

Saturday morning again finds us at ballet, but only for 60 minutes, except during Nutcracker season.   I try to keep Saturday’s open so we can visit family or just stay home and relax.

Sunday of course is church and the occasional youth group get together. 

This doesn’t include Lindsey’s basketball schedule for the winter months, Olivia’s work with the John Lewis Society, dinner and life.   This is just the rough outline of our lives, generally speaking.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day in the life. We seem to live at dance too. Anne has seven hours this year and Dean has 3 hours.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Both of mine are there for 5.5 hours a week this year. Next week they have 4 hours a day M-Thurs. 8 hours Friday, 3 on Saturday and then a 2 hour practice followed by a performance on Sunday. Dance takes on a life of it's own!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your home sounds like a very happy place to be! Its so nice to hear how other families do it. I've also done a DITL on my homeschool blog ( please check it out). Thanks sharing 😊

    1. Thank you! Our home is happy and we really work at it being a peaceful (not quiet, but peaceful) home. There's never a dull moment here. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll pop over to your blog soon!


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