Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–The First Week Back

Olivia’s pointe shoes arrived Tuesday and I spent the evening sewing on her elastics and ribbons.  This whole ballet thing has been such a learning experience for me, as well as my dancer’s.


As you can see, she was quick to try them on and give them a test run, grins.


Our first week back to school has been hectic.  Actual academics have gone relatively smoothly, but I’ve been on the go all week with transporting family members to/from doctor and orthodontist appointments, board meetings and of course all those extra curricular activities.  Next week should be more low key (I hope).

In honor of the first day of school, we went out to lunch after our lessons were completed on Monday.  Tuesday was an “on your own” school day, because I was gone.  Wednesday was apparently pajama day as both girls wore pajamas for the majority of the day.  (Yes, that stereotype is completely real.)



Olivia’s main elective this year is typing/keyboarding.  She’s picking up on it pretty quickly.  I’d planned on having her use the freebie computer, but when I hooked it up I realized it’s missing a monitor cable, so I opted to let her use my desk for now.


Every day, right before lunch, this little lady comes to feast on the sunflowers outside our window.   We have had many belly laughs this week watching her eating habits.


See what I mean?


With the start up of school comes the realization that fall and winter are on the way.   We had a huge pile of wood delivered Thursday so we’ll be getting that stacked this weekend.


We had a really good week, despite all the running around and interruptions.   I hope you’ve had a great week too!

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  1. My daughter was fitted for her pointe shoes a few weeks ago and brought them home. However, they will be sewing them in class and she was told not to even open the box until she was in class. She is so obedient that she won't even let me open the box to take a picture of them. Wow, that wood pile looks like Fall. I hope you have a great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Love those ballerina shoes! I don't have a ballerina in the house but I have a breakdancer. It's a great outlet for kids. I'm visiting from Weekly wrap up!


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