Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Post Nutcracker

Whew, we survived another amazing Nutcracker weekend.  The weather was incredible, (mid-70's in December in Virginia), and that totally worked in our favor as we just missed selling out the auditorium for both shows!!

Here are photos of my girls from backstage.  Olivia, in her party girl costume, and Lindsey in her candy cane costume.   I didn't get a photo of Olivia as part of the dragon or of Lindsey as a Russian, but I will share those with you once I get the photos from the photographer.

We slept in a bit on Monday, then hit the ground running with school work and house work.  By the time the husband got home from his job we were ready to decorate the tree. It turned out lovely.

Tuesday morning's conversation with the tween: "Mom, I just remembered I need an ugly Christmas sweater for youth on Sunday." "Aaaaand, you want me to do what?" "Make one," "WHAT?? I can't just make an ugly Christmas sweater." "Mom, I've seen your can totally make an ugly sweater."

I'm uncertain as to whether this was a compliment of my crafting skills or if it was an insult. Well played Olivia, well played.  However, after a trip to Goodwill to buy a ghastly green sweater, and a trip to Dollar Tree for some odds and ends, I came up with this little number.

We've been baking cookies and making fudge and peanut butter balls this week.  Monday we'll go out and "elf" the world with our sugary goodness.

I don't think there is a Weekly Wrap Up or Collage Friday link up this week.  But I did want to share our week with you all.  We are on Christmas break next week, but I'll be posting as we have some fun things planned.

If you don't happen to get back this way before next week, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
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  1. Yum! Peanut butter balls.... my favorite!

  2. I like your Ugly Christmas Sweater. :) And I've totally had "just sew it, Mom" requests like that. Their confidence in us is endearing, I suppose.


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