Friday, December 11, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Stage Week

This is Nutcracker stage week, and we've been incredibly busy.   This is day 5 of 4 hour rehearsals at the stage.  I truly do not know how the kids who go to public school are functioning by the end of the week.  Practices begin at 4:30 and don't end until 8:15 or more like 8:30.  Most aren't getting dinner until they get home after 8:30, and they still have homework to do.  It's truly insane.

The weather has been very cooperative this year (thank goodness).  We're actually expecting temperatures in the mid 70's Saturday and Sunday.   We're looking forward to a wonderful show, and much needed rest after the fact.

Academics were on a regular schedule for us this week.   We even ended up hitting the Latin a bit harder than usual, go figure.   

My desktop computer monitor fizzled out, and so I've had to start using the refurbished laptop we were blessed with.   However, that means I can't get to any of the photos I downloaded earlier in the week...thus a dull, photo less post this week.

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