Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Resurrection - Grapevine Studies (TOS Review)

The Resurrection (Multi-Level) from Grapevine Studies is a fun way to help your children to grasp Biblical truths in an engaging way.  For this review, I worked specifically with Lindsey, grade 5.

The premise behind Grapevine Studies is that by simplifying the artwork down to mere stick figures, even the artistically challenged can enhance their Bible study time.   The study is broken down into a four day a week schedule with Day 1 being Timeline Review (5-10 minutes); Day 2 is Lesson Page 1 (30-35 minutes), Day 3 is Lesson Page 2 (30-25 minutes); Day 4 is the Student Drawing Pages (5-15 minutes).

Supplies needed are minimal.  The teacher needs a Bible, Grapevine Studies Teacher Book, dry erase board, makers (8 colors) and a Bible dictionary.   The student needs a Bible, Grapevine Studies Student Book and colored pencils.   The variation in colored markers/pencils helps both the teacher and the student to be able to immediately understand who they are drawing and/or looking at based on the color.  For example, Jesus is drawn in purple each time.

The teacher book has step by step instructions, with teacher narratives written in green.  If you're not sure how to word the lesson, no worries, just read the green lines verbatim and you're good.  There is also a Lesson Goals and Key Points section so that the teacher can quickly review and see what is being covered. Also, memory verses for each key point are listed.   The teacher book also  has replicas of each student page, with correct stick figuring so that there's never any confusion as to what is drawn, where it's drawn or what color is to be used.   Final review questions and answers are also found in the back of the teacher book, along with any needed maps.   Sample lessons are available here.

Topical studies are available beginning with students as young as 3.  The ages 3 and up studies are traceable, so it allows the children to work on pencil grip and drawing straight lines and curves while learning Biblical truths.  Early elementary packages are geared towards ages 5-7 while, elementary packages are geared towards ages 7 and up.  Old and New Testament Overviews have five levels ranging from Pre-k - 7th/8th grade levels.

I love that the lessons are broken down into bite sited portions, with review questions at the end of each lesson and with stick figure reviewing worked in as well.  There is also place for the memory verse to be copied; and for the older student there's also room for personal study notes.  Lindsey, who is NOT artistically gifted, was happy that she could draw the scenes without feeling like hers wasn't "as good as" the sample or her sibling's work.

The photo above is Lindsey's beginning timeline from day one.  As the week goes on, the story is expounded on, with more drawing and scripture references for each segment of the story.  I had Lindsey look each of these up and read them aloud as we did the daily lessons (see photo below).

Interestingly enough, as many times as I have read the story of the Garden of Gethsemane, and even taught it in children's church, I had NEVER picked up on the fact that an angel came to Jesus in the garden to strengthen him.   Only through this study and our little stick figures did I pick up on that fact.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has missed that tidbit all these years.   So, if you're asking yourself "do the kids really learn anything this way?"  Um, yeah, they do ,and so do parents.  Score!

I'd also like to add that Grapevine has GREAT customer service and each of their shipments receives specialized attention.   This is how our books were wrapped inside the box.   See what I mean?

All of the Grapevine Studies can be purchased either in e-format, or an actual physical book depending on your preference.  If you have more than one child, and a good printer it would probably be better for you to go the e-book route.  I personally am a real book kind of gal, so that's what I picked for this review.

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  1. You know.. I didn't even catch on the fact that grapevine also has physical copies? Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    1. We don't currently have a printer that works...but even when we do have one I prefer physical copies over downloads of products. I guess I'm just an old dinosaur who really likes the feel of a real book in my hands. Thanks for stopping by!


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