Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kwik Stix Giveaway!

Give away has ended.  Congratulations  to our winner Maria Ralston!!

Yesterday I posted a review of Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip, Inc.    I just gotta say that this product is pure greatness!   Imagine, tempera paint in a marker format, it can't spill...and it dries within 90 seconds!
I've already had people asking where to find these little beauties, but before you go shopping, why not enter for a chance to win a set of 12!    That's right, the wonderful folks at The Pencil Grip, Inc. are going to send one lucky winner a free Kwik Stix 12 pack!
I know there are lots of little gadgets to host giveaways on, but I get frustrated trying to get all those extra entries and blah blah blah when I enter someone else's giveaway, so I'm not doing that to my readers. So here's what we're going to do!


Simply leave me a message on this post telling me how you think your child (or you, ahem) would use the Kwik Stix.   I'll randomly pick one winner after the close of the giveaway.  Easy peasy! 

You MUST leave me a way to get in touch with you.   Winner will be notified on May 18 and you will have 24 hours to respond or I'll have to pick someone else.

Ready, set.....enter!!!

 Give away has ended.  Congratulations  to our winner Maria Ralston!!

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  1. My older two will be happy to use them on canvas to make some masterpieces. The younger two, in all honesty, will probably use themselves and each other to create their masterpieces. :-)

  2. These would make a great birthday present for the homeschool artist!! saufleyjm

  3. I know my three boys (and myself) would put these Kwik Stix to good use! I hate the mess that paint brings, not to mention the clean up process!

  4. My kids would love these to make pictures for their grandparents!!!

  5. Hey, Lady! You know my two would love some color in their art (and I would enjoy it, minus the mess, hee hee!) And I must admit, I'm a coloring book mom so they would be well used, lol,! afridley

  6. My kids would use them on a huge sheet of butcher paper to make a mural.

  7. My kids would use them for making posters and all our various homeschool art projects. And they'd probably inspire me to let my 6 year old paint a lot more!

    1. Very mommy friendly! Not at all messy like most paint options.

  8. My 9 year would love these... Anything that can be used for art projects! She loves making things!


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