Monday, May 9, 2016

Music Appreciation Book 1-Zeezok Publishing LLC (TOS Review)

This review features the complete set for Music Appreciation Book 1: For the Elementary Grades from Zeezok Publishing LLC.   For this review I received the Student Activity Book, 4 pack of Music CD's, the lapbook CD and the books Paganini Master of Strings, Handel at the Court of Kings, Franz Schubert and His Merry Friends, Ludwig Beethoven and the Chiming Tower Bells, Joseph Haydn The Merry Little Peasant, Sebastian Bach The Boy From Thuringia,  and Mozart The Wonder Boy.

You'll notice in the picture above that Franz Schubert and His Merry Friends, looks different than all the other books.   This is because Zeezok Publishing LLC is currently reworking the books for this package.  Schubert is the last book to be reworked and it will completed as the current books sell out of print.

For our review, we specifically focused on  Handel at the Court of Kings.  This four chapter, soft back book, features black and white graphics and twenty-eight of Handel's musical pieces. The corresponding CD allows the student to hear the music along with having the actual sheet music included in the book.  The fact that we've been to a symphonic performance of  "Messiah" was a big plus too, as it helped her connect the name to something she was already familiar with.

The full color student activity book gives the student extra information about each composer.  Character qualities, geography tidbits of interest and biographical information are just a few of the items covered.  Activities that are required to meet the national music appreciation standards are clearly marked.  Additionally the units are broken down into four week cycles, and are clearly marked so that you and your student know what is to be done weekly.

The lapbook components are on CD, and can be printed in either color or black and white.  This gives students the opportunity to create their own memento of these famous composer's.   It also gives the student something to review, and to show off to grandparents (grins).

Truthfully, Lindsey wasn't excited about this review when I first told her about it (there may have been some eye-rolling).   However, once we began reading the book and the engaging way it was written, her opinion soon changed.   She enjoyed being able to listen to the CD's and hear the music, and then work during her free time to learn to play some of the pieces on her piano.

I always give the kids the option to stop working with a product once our review time is finished.  However, once we completed our study of Handel, Lindsey was quick to pick out Joseph Haydn The Merry Little Peasant, to continue on.   This speaks VOLUMES to me, as typically they are quick to move on.

For those of you with older children, or who really enjoy music appreciation, fear not!  Zeezok Publishing LLC is currently working on "Music Appreciation Book 2: for the Middle Grades", geared towards grades 5-8.   This book will cover Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Foster, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and MacDowell.   Look for this one to be out in Spring of 2017.

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  1. So glad to see how much your daughter enjoyed using this program! It looks like a fun one to study the lives of the composers.

    1. She really did like it. We picked Handel because we have been to a orchestra production of Messiah and I thought it would be nice to start with someone she was familiar with.

  2. Wonderful! I am strongly considering purchasing this for our upcoming school year. Sounds like it would be a great introduction to the classics.

    1. It really is a nice program. The lapbook component is great to help with retention and review.


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