Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Dad Worth Remembering

In the past little while, several of my close friends have lost their fathers – some to chronic illness, others to sudden tragedy.  Each of these dear friends has lost a “daddy” -their first true love.   It’s been truly humbling to listen to these women share about the great love and admiration they have for their fathers.   These haven’t been perfect men by any stretch, because none of us are even close to perfection.   Yet in the eyes of their daughters, they are as close to perfection as it gets.   This is truly amazing to me.

My girls are still young, not even teenagers yet.   I see that same adoration in them.  Screeches of “daddy’s home” echo through our house as the door slams and little feet race down the driveway to grab the returning hero at the end of the work day.   A “snuffle” from Daddy at bedtime is a prized commodity and probably holds far more value than all of the vaults at Fort Knox.  Rumor has it that his homemade pizza is the best pizza, EVER!

This is truly a relationship that I can’t quite fathom.    I sometimes stand afar off and watch the three of them as they interact and I wonder what it is that makes that bond  between father and daughter so strong.   Maybe it’s the princess in every little girl, looking for a knight in shining armor?

Whatever it is, I’m happy that my children experience it.   One day (far, far away I hope) they will experience the loss of this first love of theirs.   It will be heart wrenching, but it will be the magnum opus of this man’s life.  His greatest work, to love his children and show them a glimpse of the Father’s love for them.

Dads, they need you.  They need your love.  They need your guidance.  They need your encouragement.  They need your time, your laughter, your snuffles.  Better to be wept for with fondness, than to be wept for with regret.
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