Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Welcome to Fall

This has been a blistering summer, and I've been anxiously awaiting my favorite season, fall.   The daytime temperatures have already dropped into the 60's and the leaves are beginning to change.   I'm hoping this latest round of torrential rain (we're in the middle of it as I type) doesn't knock all the leaves down before they have a chance to fully change. 

Speaking of fall, take a look at my cute little centerpiece!  This was really easy to do, just get a small pumpkin, cut the top off and scoop out the inside.   Cut a styrofoam cup to size, making it fit snugly inside the pumpkin.   Cut the bottom off of another styrofoam cup, and place it upside down in the first cup.  Pick a few marigolds, asters or whatever other fall flowers you have blooming in the yard, and trim them off where the stem will puncture the upside down cup (to hold the flowers in place).   Arrange enough flowers of various colors and heights until the opening of the pumpkin is completely covered.    Take the top of your pumpkin, trim the stem area up to a cute little size, and affix it to the top/side of the pumpkin with a tooth pick and, tada!   A lovely little fall centerpiece!   Add water the the styrofoam cup as needed to keep your flowers looking fresh.
Olivia had her 6 month orthodontist follow up this week.   She's done really well with the entire process, and has been wearing her clear retainers 24/7 for the last 9 months.  Now she's officially graduated to only wearing the retainers at night.   She was SO happy with this new freedom, as she has found it awkward at times to be able to excuse herself long enough to remove the retainers while away from home.

We've done a few science experiments this week.   Olivia worked on an osmosis lab for her life science course.  Let me tell you I was really surprised at how expensive iodine is here.  Lindsey made a salt model of mercury, complete with craters.

Olivia is really enjoying her world geography class.  The hands on activities give her an outlet for her creative side.  She's enjoying making her own maps and learning about the peoples of the countries she's learning about as well.

Extra Curricular Activities - Dance class was cancelled this week due to the instructor being ill.   Volleyball is going well, with only two more weeks to go in the schedule.  My team is a fun, lively, easily distracted group....translation they don't pay a great deal of attention and it shows in our ranking.   Olivia's team is in the #1 spot thus far.   Basketball sign ups start this weekend. The girls are taking a creative writing course in a small group setting every Friday afternoon.   They are really enjoying this class and the group of girls they are with.

That's about it for this week.  Nothing overly exciting, but it was a productive, be at home kind of week.   I hope you've had a good week, but if not, let it go and try again Monday.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of week. :) I love the hands-on science and geography. Your centrepiece is beautiful. Good idea about the cup of water. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Looks like a great week and I love your centerpiece!

    1. It really was a good week, not as hectic as recent weeks, thank goodness!

  3. Fall is in the air. Where we live now, we won't see the fall transformation so it's nice to see pictures of it.

    1. It's gotten really chilly today, and is supposed to be this way for a few days. I should have some lovely foliage photos to share next week (if the rain doesn't know all the leaves down).

  4. I love the centerpiece.What a great week. I hope the rain didn't take away all of your leaves.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Productive sounds perfect! Love that centerpiece..I was so happy when I saw temps dropping here in NY. It's been a long hot summer...


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