Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Carole P. Roman Books (Review Crew)

Today I'm sharing our review brought to you by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com .   The books that we received from this vendor are:

If You Were Me and Lived in ....Ancient Greece

If You Were Me and Lived in...Colonial America

If You Were Me and Lived in...Elizabethan England

If You Were Me and Lived in...the Middle Ages

All four of the books I received have a few similar qualities.   Each is paperback and contains a glossary and "important people" section in the back of the book.   These are great  resources for young readers who may not know what certain words meant long ago, as the meanings have changed over time, for example "pounds" and "pasties".   The section on people to know from that time period is very helpful for younger readers as they tie it all together.   You could easily pull together a unit study with just one of the books and the resources in the back.

The Ancient Greece and Middle Ages book each has a "softer" feel, in that the illustrations are done in a water color style.  No harsh lines here, and the colors blend nicely to give the books a nice "old" feel (see the photos below).

Likewise, the Elizebethan and Colonial America books have bolder lines, darker colors and give an air of more "rigidity" in the way of life for that time period.   The Colonial American book, with it's use of dark colors conveys a somber feeling (see photos below).
I have one history lover who devours any book she can get her hands on.   Truthfully, I thought these books would not appeal to her because I thought she might find them to be "kid-ish",  and she's an official teen.  As you can see below, a well done history book knows no age limit.  Her favorite was the Middle Ages book.   She liked the illustrations, and the fact that this was the longest of the four books.   I love it when she reads something and comes out with "Mom did you know...." and then starts sharing interesting facts that she picked up.   There were lots of those moments along the way as she read through each of the four books.

Lindsey and I used the Middle Ages book as a read aloud to go with our current study of that time period.   She liked that the book was written in a way that helped her visualize being IN the time period and not just reading a lot of facts and dates.  We were able to pull some of the information (vocabulary and famous people) and use that to had to the history notebook we're creating.   Likewise, we read the Elizabethan England book to see where the folks of the middle ages were headed.

The Ancient Greece book is a bit different in that it instead of listing famous people of the time, it has a listing and description of various gods and goddesses of the time period.   Other than that, the layout and over all feel is the same throughout the series.

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