Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - The Hectic One

I swear, some days/weeks I feel like a hamster on a very quick moving wheel of life.  This was one of those weeks.  Yes, I know I'm the one who sets the schedule, but somehow this week seemed just a bit crazier than it should have been.  I may have been a bit stressed by all the busyness.

Monday was a typical homeschool day.  Piano lessons at 2:30pm and government class at 7pm.   Nothing overly exciting.

Tuesday the girls had their six month dental appointments.   Our dentist and pediatrician are still in the town we moved from almost nine years ago, so we loaded up the car at 7:30am and headed out.  Appointments went well, no cavities or issues.  To celebrate we ducked into the new Krispy Kreme shop, since the "Hot Now" sign popped on as we were driving by....pure heaven ya'll.    We came home finished school work, I pulled together a devotional for the volleyball teams and then we headed out to volleyball from 5:30-8:15.

Wednesday morning was co-op.   We had a low turnout out this month since several people were out with the flu and one family is on vacation at the Outer Banks.  Interesting timing with world events, as we were studying North & South Korea this month.  Co-op ended at noon and we headed home to get our school work done.      On Wednesday nights I'm head of a ministry at out church, we arrived at 6:45pm to set up for the 7pm class, only to find the doors locked and nobody in sight.  We finally got someone to come open the doors (there had been a miscommunication over who was unlocking), and then we found there was technical difficulties with the computer system/sound.   We finally got it going and were able to get class started, albeit a little bit late.

Thursday Olivia and I had a chiropractor appointment at 9am, then we grabbed the groceries for the week and headed home to do school work.   I also picked up pansies and petunia's while we were out so I had a bit of garden therapy while they worked on math.

Friday (today) we're heading out to the National Zoo in Washington, DC.   This will be the girls first time riding a subway, and their first time in the city of D.C.   The weather is supposed to be perfect for an outing, so hopefully that doesn't change.   Hopefully, I'll have some good photos for you next week!

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  1. I've been dying to get to the National zoo with my boys! Enjoy! We had a busy week too with a funeral, wake, and assorted family "stuff" going on. I'm looking forward to actually getting schoolwork done 5 days next week!

    1. It was a good introduction to DC for the kids. We'll go back later in the year and hit some of the museums.

      So sorry about the funeral.

  2. What a busy week. I hope you all had a delightful time at the zoo. I love that one.
    Blessings, Dawn


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