Monday, June 12, 2017

End of Year Co-op Art Show

Our first co-op year has come to a close.  We celebrated with an end of the year family night that consisted of an ASL presentation by the students and an art show.   We had a few grandparents come, and it was nice to have the dads get to be involved for a change.  I grouped the artwork by month/country and then had each family pick one country and bring an authentic snack.  The "thinking outside the box" award went to the family who picked Japan and made "sushi" out of rice crispy treats wrapped in fruit leather and topped with gummy fish.
I taught both the art and cultures class this year. Each month I'd teach about a country including some map work, language, religions, games and historical & cultural information.  I also provided a snack from each country.  Once we finished that part of the class, we moved into art and did a project based on the country we'd just studied. Our students ranged in age from 5 to 14, all in one class.  As you can see, that did skew the art lessons somewhat.  We worked with chalk pastels, water colors, acrylics and just plain old markers too.
The ASL presentations were done in pairs, with one student signing and the other interpreting.   I have a couple of photos of my girls signing.  I didn't take any of the pairs working together, as they all stood pretty far apart each time.
Does your group or co-op do any fun year end event?
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