Monday, July 10, 2017

Time Traveler American History - WWII (Review)

This has been an especially good review year for my history lover.  Today, I'm sharing our experience reviewing the Time Traveler America History - WWII set from Home School In the Woods.  Other titles in this series include:  New World Explorers, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, The Early 19th Century, The Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution through Great Depression.  We received the downloadable version of this, but you can also purchase it on CD as well. me

Let me warn you, you need to have a full laser jet ink cartridge (not an ink jet, you'll go broke) and a full pack of paper if you want to print everything off in one day.   You also need one full day, as it takes a great deal of time to print and arrange all the items.  Neither of those two points (ink and time) are meant negatively, just letting you know ahead of time so you don't have to stop mid stream. Besides paper and ink, you'll  need cardstock, a few transparency covers and 1/2 yard of felt (grey, brown or olive green) to complete the projects.   You will also need a 2-3 inch, 3 ring binder to keep all of the projects and papers in.

Below is an overall view of the projects included in this product.   I will tell you, we have not completed this entire thing as of yet, as each area has led to bunny trails and deeper study for my daughter, and that's exactly what I look for in a product.   I love seeing her get inspired and start doing further research outside of what is "required" learning.
Olivia really enjoys hands on learning.  Her favorite project from this product was the garrison cap.  She printed out the pattern, then  overlaid the pattern onto heavy felt, secured it with safety pins, then cut out the pieces.  She spent about 90 minutes total on her creation.  She was very pleased with the way her hat turned out.

While Olivia is adding to her timeline, newspaper and her notebook, (included in the printables) she's also adding vast amounts of knowledge to her understanding of the American soldier and the home front during World War II.  Both she and I were surprised to learn that cigarettes were included in with the daily meal rations for those on the battle field.  

For the student who loves hands on learning, this is definitely the way to go.  The Lap-Paks, Timeline and Activity Packs really help bring the subject matter to life for students.  We've also used the Project Passport, The Middle Ages this year, and my non-history lover loved it!     Also, exciting news is that A-La-Carte projects are now available!  So if you're wanting to do one or two things to go with what you're studying, you can buy individual projects and not have to buy entire units! There are currently 50 projects available, with more to come.  Additionally, use the code alacarte at checkout to get the Erie Canal project for free.  This will come in handy as the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the canal is this week.

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