Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you don't have a Baptist church background, you're probably thinking I've just sneezed. The truth is, I don't come from a Baptist church background either...but let me just say that Awana is awesome! For those who don't know what it is, I'll give you a brief rundown or you can go to their website and find a location near you.

Awana is a childrens ministry, where the kids wear vests, earn patches for memorizing Bible verses and really learn a lot about the Bible. Olivia already finished the 2 year Cubbies program (for ages 3-4) and is in her first year of Sparks. She's memorizing several scriptures a week (including the scripture reference). Lindsey is in her first year of Cubbies. She has 1 memory verse per week, and she's doing a wonderful job.

The Cubbie verse for this week was "And Jesus increased in wisdom..." Luke 2:52. Even though we're from Virginia, Lindsey sometimes has a Jersey sounding accent (who knows?). This week, she ended up soundling like she was from India (still don't know). So her verse came out sounding like this....

"and Jesuuuus inKreeeeesed in WHHEEEZZdom". Even her teachers had to chuckle when she recited it.

Its so wonderful to see my kids get so excited about church, and Bible verses and learning about God. And even though they are young, they are quick to share about Jesus to others.

Their favorite song right now is "He Reigns"....the chorus goess "all God's children singing glory glory, hallelujah He reigns, He reigns." They both sing it around the house, in the van, at the store....but do either sing it at church??

Lindsey's version..."all Gawd's children singing gory gory, hawweewuyah He wains...He wains".
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