Friday, October 17, 2008

Sobering Realization

Both of my girls take ballet class. Olivia is biding her time until she's old enough to take tap. Lindsey by all appearances has the grace to be a ballerina. Time will tell.

So anyway, while I was waiting for Lindsey's class to end, I listened to a conversation between two of the other mothers. They were discussing their childrens preschool costs, and their options for kindergarten next year. They were lamenting about the poor city school system here (they were right on that one). They were comparing which district each lived in, so out of courtesy (I guess) they asked me which district we live in. So I told them which district, but added "but we homeschool" at the end.

Both mothers sat looking at me with their mouths and eyes wide open. Then, Mom #1 says "My God, I couldn't stand to spend that much time with my kids." Mom #2 responded with "Me neither. I couldn't function without getting my 8 hour break from them everyday. It must take a special type of person to be able to be with their kids all the time"

So now it was my turn to sit there looking blankly at them. Special kind of person? I thought it was called "Motherhood"? I half-heartedly listened to the rest of their conversation. Mom #1 is considering a private Christian school in town to, and I quote "weed out the riff-raff my kids would be around." Mom #2 didn't realize she live in the worst district in town...but "What was the name of that churchy school again?"

I watched as the children came in. Lindsey ran to me, gave me a big kiss and hugged her sister; then excitedly starting telling us both all about class. Child of Mom #1 came in, got her shoes and walked out, nothing spoken to her mother. Child of Mom #2 didn't even come into the room...stood in the hall waiting, alone.

As we left, Olivia and Lindsey walked ahead of me up the street, holding hands...because they like to be with each other. I listened to them chatter about ballet, and the leaves blowing by and I smiled to myself.

Why would I want to miss any of this?
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