Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meet the Girls, and Stella

Here are my gorgeous children. Olivia is 5 and Lindsey is 3. The short gal in the middle is Stella, technically she's a newborn. We read the book "Flat Stanley" at the beginning of our school year. I suggested that we could make our own flat someone. Soooooo....several prototypes later and we had our nameless flat someone.

After MUCH deliberation between the girls and I (ok, I was the moderator); we settled on the name "Flat Stella". We've worked hard to make her comfortable on her travels. She has a lovely felt coat/boots/hat set for the colder climates. We created a black/white evening gown for a formal tea she was invited to. She has several outfits, her own passport and accessories.

So far, Stella has traveled to Disney in Florida, Michigan, Vermont and Maine. When she returns from this portion of her trip, she'll be heading out to tour the southern states. She'll have stops in Kentucky, Georgia, Louisianna and Texas. We currently have scheduled her to visit Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Colorado, Ontario and South Africa!

Oh to be thin and mailable!
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