Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa is a Myth

We've never taught our kids that there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.  Simply, because we're also teaching them about Jesus as children.  When they realize that the first 3 characters are not real, and that we told them a lie, they could question if the Jesus we teach about is a myth too.  Having said that, we don't teach that any of those three characters are bad...we just don't give them the credit for things they don't do.   So obviously the kids see and hear about Santa at every turn these days.

This year, Olivia has her heart set on a solid white, female puppy named Hollie (although she says she'll spell it Holle).  I made the mistake of telling her to pray about it back some time ago.  So she did....and according to her, God said she'd get one for Christmas, He had it under control.   Imagine my dismay when her grandad found, and paid for, a solid white, female Jack Russel Terrier pup (which by the way will be able to leave its mother anytime after December 22.)   Ever since she prayed about it, she's stopped asking for a puppy, she just tells people "I'm getting a white puppy named Holle for Christmas"...very matter of  factly.

This week, Olivia was telling Lindsey all about her dog...and how they'd have to buy it toys and pink clothes (that dog is going to HATE us).   So I said something along the lines of  "Daddy and I are NOT getting you a puppy for Christmas! "    "God said He had it under control." she responds.   "Ok, so if daddy and I aren't getting you a dog, WHO do you think would get you a dog?"     Lindsey pipes in with "Santa Claus?!?".     Olivia points over her shoulder with her thumb pointed in my direction and announces "No silly, Santa isn't real!  THEY bring all the presents."   "ooooooooooohhh......"  long pause....."Mommy, do you have to dress up LIKE Santa to bring presents?"

Um......yeah, er I mean NO.   So...sometime around Christmas I'll be posting photos of the new puppy.   The moral of this story is DON'T TELL KIDS TO PRAY FOR THINGS YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO HAVE!

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