Thursday, April 2, 2009


Birthdays are just another day if there is no BIRTHDAY CAKE.   As a Mom, that usually means I need to buy and bake my own.  Each year (our 8 year anniversary is later this month as well) I make sure to comment about the importance of a birthday cake.  Last year I especially emphasized that since I do all the birthday cakes for the husband, kids, my family, my inlaws...that I don't want to be responsible for my own cake.  I specifically remember it being one of those moments of intense fellowship that one wouldn't expect a spouse to let slip.  Yeah...sure...right. 

So, today I turned 41.  We had Lindsey's pre-op appointment with the ENT this morning.  Then we went to a pizza buffet for lunch (yippee) and then home and I've been busy on various projects ever since.  The cake mix and frosting are still in the kitchen.  There will be no cake this year...I'm not baking my own birthday cake.

I know, in the great scheme of life, its not least not to anyone but me.  But honestly, it makes me cry...few things in life make me cry anymore and yet at 41, here I sit crying because there was no cake.  Stupid I know.

So anyway, Olivia turns 6 this month.  I sent out her party invitations and bought the decorations.   All that's left is the cake...oddly.  I found a pattern to make a really cool guitar shaped cake that she was super excited about.  Although, I think the Hannah Montana cake from Martins would probably be a bigger thrill to her.  Not sure which I will do yet, but this one thing I will guarantee.  THERE WILL BE A CAKE!!

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