Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Creative

With Mother's Day only a few days away I broke out the scrapbooking supplies and went to work making cards.  I made three for the moms (yes, and odd number of moms...don't ask) and I threw in a bridal shower card while I was at it.  Here are the results of my efforts.  They look much better in person (my gosh I hope so...they don't look that hot now that I'm publishing them for the world to see!)

The Awana Grand Prix was this week as well.  Olivia had a great time building/painting/reworking her car with her dad.  In the end, it was NOT a fast car (dead last each heat)...and was not the most original no trophy this year.  But she had fun and was a good sport and cheered for the winners, so that's the important thing. 

Drum roll please.........(insert noise in your head here)......I give you Olivia and  the "Cotton Candy Mobile".  Seriously, that's what she named it!

It matches her shirt well, don't you think??

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