Thursday, May 21, 2009

Proud Momma!!

As I've mentioned before, my girls attend (and LOVE) Awana at the local Baptist church.  Tonight was the last meeting of the year, so it was awards night.  Both of my girls finished their books for the year and had perfect attendance so I knew they'd be getting their awards for those areas.

What I didn't know what that they also give out awards for "Leadership", "Evangelism", and "Sportsmanship" in each of the three age groups.   Neither Olivia nor Lindsey received an award for these areas.  However, they also give out a "Clubber of the Year" award in each age group, for the child who shows excellence overall.

Lindsey won "Clubber of the Year" for the Cubbies (ages 3 and 4), AND Olivia won "Clubber of the Year" for the Sparks (K, 1st & 2nd).  We were so proud of both of them!    Of course, there are photos for your viewing pleasure. 

This is Olivia's third year in Awana; but it's our first year at this church (we moved last fall).  I was really impressed with the awards ceremony.  Not just because my kids won!  There was a total of 15 children who accepted Jesus this year during Awana club time; tonight they had a baptism ceremony for the kids at the beginning of the festivities.  I think it's totally awesome to see the fruit of such a wonderful program and to see that the church takes it seriously for the kids.

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