Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brrrrrr at the Beach!

The last few days, we've been at the beach on vacation.  Saturday was warm and nice.  Sunday morning was ok....mid-morning the temps dropped, the rain and winds set in and we spent the rest of our 4 day trip looking for warm clothes and indoor acitivities.

Lindsey loved the sand...running in it, digging in it...but not sitting in it. 

Olivia loved everything about the trip!  She loves the water, and the change in scenery.  Although, by the look of this picture, photos aren't a big hit with her.

Flat Stella arrived home from Alaska last week.  So we took her to the beach, thinking she'd get to warm up after her trip up north.  I'm pretty certain she didn't warm up a great deal...and we almost lost her to a big wind gust.

Next week, Stella will be heading out to Ontario or Pennsylvania; I'm not sure which yet.  We'll be starting back to school (abbreviated summer version).  We'll be starting on our new curriculum, and incorporating an exciting new (new to me) spelling program as well.   So check back soon to see what we're learning and how!

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