Thursday, June 4, 2009

Possible Tornado?

We had severe weather this evening.  I heard the thunder rumbling and went upstairs to check the windows and saw that the wind was picking up, so I opened the back sunporch door to go secure the backyard.  This is where I made my  mistake...I was almost floored by the door as the force of the wind took me by surprise.  I seriously had to fight to get the door shut again.  I looked at the large line of trees next to my property line and saw that the tops of the trees were starting to rotate...yeah I've seen enough of  those cheap tornado movies to know that this is NOT a good thing.  So I ran like wild back through the house to the basement with the kids, hearing a roaring sound as we went.    They asked what was wrong so I said "well, it's a REALLY bad storm".   The ever thinking three year old did just as I've always told her to do, she pointed her finger at the window and yelled in a very authoratative voice "Go away storm, in the name of the Lord!!"      Then it got dark and quiet..too quiet (again, I've watched those made for tv movies, and anyone knows quiet is right before IT happens).  So I was praying Psalm 91 over us as fast as I could and Lindsey is still yelling "Go away in the name of the Lord!"...and we waited and the rains started, and the winds died down.  I heard lots of sirens for a long while.

My brother, who lives a few counties over called me several hours later.  They are pretty certain a tornado hit his town, lots of damage.   Reports of several INCHES of hail in areas, buildings off their foundations and trees uprooted.  The national weather center will have someone out that way tomorrow to determine if it was a tornado for certain.   I'll have to check the newspapers tomorrow (we don't have tv).

So, as I go to bed tonight in my damage free home, with my two children safely  tucked into their beds I want to say thank you Lord for your protection and your provision.  Thank you for the faith of a child to stand on your Word and to believe what You said....and thanks for letting me see that what I'm teaching them about You really is getting into them.

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