Friday, June 5, 2009

Preschool Week 2

Lindsey asked to go faster, so I was happy to accomodate her.  I added some extra work with phonics and added cursive writing as well.  We started with our "i's" and "u's".   I'm going to give her another week and see how that goes for her.  The biggest problem with the writing is that she has little bitty hands and the pencil seems to over take her and she doesn't get enough pressure on the pencil to see where she has written.   I moved her to the chalk board and that seemed to help her to some degree. 

Lindsey is wonderful with puzzles, so I had her working on her Alphabet Train floor puzzle this week as well.   Gotta love preschool multi-tasking -  working on alphabet, problem solving and hand-eye coordination all in one activity!

Next week, I plan to make some dot-to-dot cursive letters and give her a marker to use to help alleviate some of the issue with not getting enough pressure on the pencil.  We all know you can't go wrong with kids and markers (well you CAN go horribly wrong...but I think this will work to my benefit this time).

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