Monday, June 8, 2009


I don't know about you, but I love to find a good deal at a yardsale.  This last weekend was very successful in my opinion!  I was able to find Olivia some clothing for this coming fall/winter (including a London Fog coat for $5), and found a few baskets for home organization.

Then, on the last street of my walking tour I found IT!  A homeschool mom, selling her used things and NOBODY had bought anything.    She was dejected, I was ELATED!!   Here are some of the things I bought for the kids:

Abeka Reading for Fun Enrichment Library (55 books) $2
DK My First Amazing Science Explorer Kit (grades 1-3) $1
Fishing for Vowel Teams (card game similar to Go Fish) .50
lapsized magnetic board with magnetic alphabet (not the plastic abc's that we all have stuck on our fridge) .25
20 level 2 and 3 readers .25 each
and the best thing of all is this....

I found this game from Learning Resources...on one side it has "Add 'em up Apple Orchard".  Both players have a spinner; both players spin at the same time; then whoever's turn it is has to add the two spinner numbers together and then move their worm that many apples through the tree to the apple basket.   But wait, there is MORE....turn the game board and spinners over and you have THIS...

Pumpkin Pickin' works the same as the apple orchard game, but your game piece is a mouse to scurry through the pumpkin patch and you have to subtract the numbers on the spinners to figure out how many spaces to move.

The girls played these two games for probaby 45 minutes this afternoon.  Lindsey doesn't know how to add and subtract yet (well...a little) so she'd read the problem to Olivia "10-2=" and Olivia would do the math and then they'd take turns moving the little mice around the pumpking patch.  

The best part???? it cost me 50cents!!!   Score!!

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