Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Horse, of Course!

Since she was a baby, Olivia has loved animals.  Dogs and horses especially.   Me on the other hand, I like animals; but unfortunately I’m TERRIBLY allergic to most of them.   However, being a good mother, I push aside the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itchy/watery eyes all in the name of fun and education.

Horses are truly magnificent creatures.  I can’t blame Olivia for loving them…..aaaaachooooo!

040 013Marcie at Elk Run Stables was gracious enough to host several opportunities for local homeschoolers to learn about horses, their care, and of course RIDE!

015016 As you can see below, Olivia isn’t the least bit fearful when it comes to horses.




023Lindsey is typically a lot more leery of animals in general.  The thought of riding the big horse wasn’t particularly appealing to her.  However, a 30 year old small horse (yes really 30 years) was harder to resist.

032037As if the horses weren’t enough, there were dogs!  Two of which were agility dogs, so this just added more fun for Olivia.

045  044All in all, it was a grand day!  It only took me about 2 hours for me to stop sneezing and get my eyes to stop oozing.  

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