Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Nutcracker

Nutcracker program

This is the first ballet I’ve ever attended.   Saturday night we watched the show, Sunday afternoon I worked backstage.   Let me tell you, backstage is HARD work!  

The production was WONDERFUL!  I’ve been told that it rivals professional shows.     The guest artist was Jurijs Safonovs. He is such a wonderful dancer, and so pleasant to work with. 

Olivia had a wonderful time in her first year of  The Nutcracker.  It was so much fun watching her excitement build.  But what I loved was her level of confidence.

Here are a few photos from backstage today. Aren’t they adorable?  Olivia’s solute in the last photo was impromptu on her part, and way cute.

100_5038 100_5039 100_5040100_5043  100_5045

My daughter, the clown:

100_5053 100_5050

Lindsey is now super excited about next year.  She has grand plans for being a Gingersnap….but I think she’s going to miss the age cut off for auditions.  Olivia is already planning out the next few years worth of roles as well.

100_5058Aren’t they a lovely couple?

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