Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – Stage Week


This week was stage week leading up to the production of the Nutcracker on Saturday and Sunday.  Olivia logged 13 hours of stage practices this week alone.  I can’t wait to see the show on Saturday night!

Since I knew the week would be packed with practices, I planned a light school load this week.  Although, it still seems to have been rather involved.  We also finished up our third grading period, so we’re over halfway through our year already!

Math:  Olivia was introduced to Roman numerals, multiplication and 3-2 digit number addition problems this week.  So we had some glazing over…we’ll attribute it to fatigue and hope next week is better.    Lindsey worked on ordinal numbers and counting by fives.

First Language Lessons:  We worked on the seasons, months of each season and month abbreviations.

History/Geography:   This week we tackled Kentucky.   Both girls are big fans of Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Boone, so those were our two famous folks for this study.   The girls are in the process of memorizing the Gettysburg Address.   We completed our state report, fact sheet, map, coin sheet, collage, 2-page coloring book layouts and did lots of reading.

Books and videos we used:

Abe Lincoln Remembers; by Ann Turner
Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance; by Frances Cavanah
Abraham Lincoln for Kids;
by Janis Herbert
Abraham Lincoln, VHS
Daniel Boone; by Laurie Lawlor
Daniel Boone, His Own Story; by Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone and the Exploration of the Frontier; by Richard Kozar
Daniel Boone, DVD

Latin:  We’ve moved onto week #2 of Christmas words.  

Awana:  This week we only did one verse per child.   Both girls are ahead at this point, so no point in putting extra mental stress on an already crazy week!

Piano:  Olivia is memorizing “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night”.  Doing a fine job on both of those pieces.

Christmas Around the World:  This year we’re focusing on Luxembourg as our main country to study.  So on December 6 we delivered a St. Nicholas Day surprise to our neighbor Ms. Kay.  She burst into tears.  Now THAT was priceless!

100_5011 100_4985

We started working on Christmas crafts this week.   See photos and read more here.  Because of the frigid temperatures, we also did our mid-year migration from our school room to the kitchen for lessons.  We’ll return to our normal area after the spring thaw.


In addition to all the regular stuff, I had to whip up a few costumes and do a couple of photos for a PowerPoint Christmas program for our church.  Here is Lindsey as Gabriel and Olivia as Mary.

100_5018 100_5020 100_5022

I hope everyone else had a wonderful week.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the Nutcracker next week.  In the meantime, don’t forget to head over to the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. We went to a performance of the Nutcracker this week, but none of mine were in it. We are gearing up for my youngest to be in "Little Women" next month, though!

  2. Looks like you had a full and fun week. We have to migrate also when our school room gets too chilly.


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