Thursday, February 17, 2011

Activity Day–Horton Hears a Who


Dr. Seuss lends himself easily to fun class activities!  But even Dr. Seuss can’t compete with 70 degree temperatures in mid-February.  So we spent the first 30 minutes of class time on the playground.

I love this little guy as he climbs to the highest point possible and exclaims “I’m on top of the world!”



Since this was the week after Valentines Day, and since I turned  “Horton Hears a Who”  into a loving our neighbor lesson, I couldn’t help but tie it all together with Jesus first loving us.  So we sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and worked on these cute “Jesus Loves Me” mini-books.

We worked on our numbers with this lovely, free connect the dot picture of Horton.


We also made these cute little “clover” magnets to put on the fridge, as a reminder that our actions affect the world around us.  (Michaels has a large selection of Dr. Seuss paraphernalia.)


Our library has a large array of puppet/book combinations.  Thankfully they had a Horton puppet and everyone got to take a turn being the puppeteer.


This next activity was by far the most popular!   I bought these cute little heart shaped mazes, and we raced our “dust speck” through the maze.   The kids LOVED this!


I love it when the kids can’t wait to show their stuff to their moms at the end of the day!

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  1. What great ideas and what a fun day for you and your little ones!


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