Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Alabama

What a fun and busy week!  Tuesday our support group had a Valentines party for the kids.  There were lots of games, crafts and SUGAR!   The girls had a great time working on their cards for the Valentine swap.  I’m the mom who laid the camera beside the purse, but not IN the purse before leaving for the party…so yeah, no photos.

Wednesday was piano lessons and Awana.  Olivia moved on to her 2nd level books in piano.  Lindsey completed her 1st book for Sparks in Awana.

Thursday we had Activity Day and 4H.  The Dr. Seuss class is always fun!  4H this month focused water conservation efforts.


Geography:  Alabama is a great state to study.  It’s a good doorway into the civil rights movement, although I’ll admit we skimmed the surface of the topic.  We’ll revisit it in years to come.   My girls just can’t understand that skin color caused so much unrest and hatred.  They did however grasp the idea that you must be brave to break a rule that is wrong…but you have to be aware of the consequences involved.  Rosa Parks made a lasting impression.

Books we used:

Alabama; by Lucile Davis
Alabama; by Kathy Feeney
Booker T. Washington; by Lola M. Schaefer
George Washington Carver; by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack
If a Bus Could Talk, the Story of Rosa Parks; by Faith Ringgold
The Boy Who Changed the World; by Andy Andrews

Science:  We spent our week learning about animal structure.  We built several paper skeletons (gorilla, bird, fish, frog and crocodile).   We leaned that antlers are the fastest growing bone in nature.  Only males grow antlers; and they shed the antlers every fall and by the spring the new growth has started again.  Horns on the other hand can be on male and females, and they continue to grow as long as the animal is alive.  Truthfully, I didn’t know the difference between antlers and horns until this week.

Latin:  We learned more food words.  We added new words to our Latin dictionary as well. 


Language Arts:  We started on Year 2 of First Language Lessons.  I’m hoping to cover most of year 2 between now and the end of summer.   Olivia worked on her vocabulary and dictionary skills as well.

Math:  Nothing exciting to report here.  Made progress with minimal wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I hope everyone else’s week was productive.   If not, don’t worry, there’s always next week so just breathe!  and check out the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Wow, you guys are busy! This looks like grat fun and I will be looking more into your Activity Day because I am wanting something special one day a a week. Daddy is suddenly going to be home on Fridays, so I would love to have a fun day that we can still count as school. :)

  2. That's interesting about the antlers and horns. I did not know that. That's one reason I love homeschooling--all the new things I learn. Thanks for sharing your week.


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