Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Back to School/Iowa Edition


We had a really great first week back to school!   The first day back was lots of fun and everyone (especially me) was glad to get back into a routine!   Both of the girls are really enjoying the Prima Latina and the Start Up Science.  We also managed to squeeze in our first field trip of the year!

We studied Iowa this week.   Our famous Iowan was President Herbert Hoover.   We also studied Amelia Earhart, who lived in Iowa for a period but wasn't born there.  The girls really loved reading about her.

Books we used:
Iowa; by Sandra J. Christian
Iowa; by Jean F. Blashfield
Iowa, An Explorer’s Guide; by Lauren R. Rice
Profiles of the Presidents, Herbert Hoover; by Michael Teitelbaum
Herbert Hoover, Our Thirty-First President; by Gerry and Janet Souter
Herbert Hoover; by David A.Y.O. Chang
Getting to Know the Presidents, Herbert Hoover; by Mike Venezia
Amelia Earhart, More Than a Flier; by Patricia Lakin
Amelia Earhart Flies Around the World; by Kath Davies
Amelia Earhart, This Broad Ocean; by Sarah Stewart Taylor
Amelia Earhart, Photo Illustrated Biography; by Marilyn Rosenthal

Olivia has finally gotten to where she’s enjoying reading.  This week she read Treasure Island, along with the daily newspaper, a couple of magazines and her Bible!

Lindsey’s reading has drastically improved as well.  Now that “Mamaw” lives here, she enjoys reading to her and gets lot of extra practice. 

I hope you all had a great week!   Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Great state to start studying this year! We homeschool in Iowa and will, Lord willing, start on Aug. 15. Have a great year! Found you from Weird unsocialized homeschoolers.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful start to a great new year of homeschooling! I LOVE when they get excited about reading!

  3. Hooray for an awesome first week!

    Ours, not so much. LOL And ow that you mentioned reading I realize my daughter hasn't even talked once about her reader or our read aloud. She usually goes on and on about them. We switched curriculum for one year and it's not going well.


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