Thursday, August 11, 2011

When A Child Prays

People often dismiss children as being “less spiritual” because of their age.   Yeah, well, there is a reason why God says to let the little children come unto Him.     When a child prays they have complete faith that God will answer them, and He does because He sees their faith.

Don’t believe me?  Well let me give you an example.   Olivia wanted to learn to play piano.  So last year she prayed and asked God to provide a way for her to take piano lessons.   A couple from our church let her borrow their electric keyboard and we found a homeschool mom who is a piano instructor, and the lessons began.  Shortly thereafter, Olivia drew a lovely picture of herself at a keyboard with music notes in the air, and the words “Thank you God for hearing my prayer!”

Well the keyboard is lovely, and has been a blessing, but it’s not a full size one and now Olivia is needing all the keys and notes.  She asked us for a piano, and quite honestly we just didn’t have the money.  So she prayed, in faith, trusting God to meet her need.

Here is the result of her prayer, and His faithfulness to hear and answer.    


Did I mention, that it didn’t cost us a cent?  God gets all the glory, and a special couple from the local Baptist church are going to reap a harvest like they never dreamed possible!

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