Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Wish I Knew That–I Used to Know That–Book Reviews

I really like these little books from FSB Media!  The hardback binding, cute black and white illustrations and writing style make learning fun for the kids and for me!   Not to mention, if you’re a big Trivial Pursuit fan, or plan to audition for Jeopardy these books are a MUST have.

The little snippets of information are enough to stir interest in subjects like ancient languages, famous writers, black holes, chemical compounds and major world conflicts .  Explanations, definitions and wording is written in a simple enough format to easily be understood by all.

One important disclaimer I must share it that the books do contain evolution theories in pretty large doses in their science information.  So for that reason, for those of us in the Creation Camp, I don’t suggest allowing younger children to use the books without close parental involvement.

I Wish I Knew That – Cool Stuff You Need to Know by Steve Martin

Want to add more than 100 tidbits to your knowledge base -- on subjects spanning art, literature, and history to geography, science, and math? I Wish I Knew That lets you discover all the cool stuff that will put you at the head of the class. Impress your teachers and classmates with the answers to questions such as these . . .

  • How does a black hole work?
  • Is a cold war really ever cold?
  • What is the world's tallest mountain, largest sea, and longest river?
  • How did the mathematical greats come up with the modern decimal system?

. . . and there's more. With this fun, easy-to-read guide, you'll zoom through science, whiz through history, make short work of Shakespeare, and speed ahead through the rest.

I Used to Know That – Stuff You Forgot From School by Caroline Taggart

Take an entertaining trip back to the classroom with I Used to Know That. Witty, engaging, and fun, this little book will appeal to the student in each of us. A one-of-a-kind collection of hundreds of facts learned long ago, it includes:

  • Our Changing World: Test your knowledge of the latest geography.
  • Prose and Poetry: From Shakespeare to diphthongs, English class will come alive again here.
  • Math and Science: Quotients, phalanges, and protons . . . do these long-forgotten words take you back to high school days?
  • History: As Santayana once said so well: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

I Used to Know That Geography – Stuff You Forgot From School by Will Williams and Caroline Taggart

Did you know that the Himalayas are still growing? That the Antarctica is a desert?  It's hard to know all there is to know about geography and its ever-changing landscape. But with I Used to Know That: Geography you'll be able to update your classroom knowledge and examine both the physical and human aspects of the world in short order. Inside you'll explore . . .

  • Our physical world -- rivers and coasts, plate tectonics, changing climates, the "ring of fire"
  • The human world -- causes of the American dust bowl, population expansion, and industrial growth
  • Charts and maps -- the countries of each continent, capital cities, and populations
  • Geo Gems -- surprising facts about our world

So whether this book becomes a trip down memory lane, a voyage of discovery, or a companion for future crossword puzzle clues, I Used to Know That: Geography offers something for anyone with an interest in our planet and the people who live in it.

Disclaimer:  I received free copies of all three of these books for review purposes only.  I received no other compensation for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

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