Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The Nevada Edition


It’s officially fall, wohooie!  The leaves are changing, there’s a nip in the air and we’ve had to break out the sweaters and long pants.  I love this time of year!  Our fall vegetables are doing nicely.  The cool weather crops are coming in and we still have some summer crops producing.  Although, with the threat of frost this weekend, it may be the end of my tomatoes and peppers! 

Also this week, Lindsey had two more teeth pop loose…doesn’t she remind you of a little jack-o-lantern?


We were cooped up a lot this week due to rain, but hopefully we’ll be getting more outside time in the next few weeks!  We will be cutting our week short for a field trip adventure on Friday, so I’ll post my weekly wrap up a day early.

Geography/history:  Our focus was on Nevada this week.  The girls were really impressed by the size of Hoover Dam (via photos of course); and Death Valley was pretty interesting, but Sacagawea was the hottest topic of the week.

Books and DVD we used:

Nevada; by Suzanne M. Williams
Nevada, The Silver State; by Krista McLuskey
Nevada; by Ann Heinrichs
Death Valley National Park; by David Petersen
Hoover Dam; by Craig A Doherty and Katherine M. Doherty
Hoover Dam; by Elizabeth Mann
Sacagawea; by Monica L. Rausch
Sacagawea, Heroine of the Lewis and Clark Journey; DVD
The Shoshoni; by Dennis B. Fradin
The Shoshoni; by Alden R. Carter

Science:  We were learning about magnets this week.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a regular old bar magnet these days?  My goodness you’d think I was asking for an alien implant device when I went to the hardware store!  Geez…but finally in a little mom and pop hardware store I found a lovely 2 inch purple bar magnet, and so we were able to complete our science experiments.

Reading:   Olivia finished up Pilgrims Progress and is now reading Anna’s Blizzard by Alison Hart.  Lindsey is starting on the Beehive Readers by All About Spelling/Reading.

Math:  I dodged the bullet, again!  Olivia moved into more complicated division this week and it went really smoothly!  (Thank you Jesus!!)   Lindsey is progressing well, but is a bit careless in her subtraction so we need to work on that area more.

Ballet/tap:   Nutcracker magic is in full swing already!  This year, there are three performances! Olivia has two roles again this year.  She’ll be a mouse and a baker, and performing in all three performances.  Lindsey’s debut will be as a gingersnap and she will only be in the Saturday matinee.  You can’t imagine the amount of giddy we have going on here!

Awana:  Lindsey got her new Sparks book and completed her first memory verse (from memory from last year).  Olivia completed her introduction booklet and is now ready to order her first TNT book.  My kindergarten class is just too cute!  We only have 3 regular girls so it’s a small, but fun group.

That’s pretty much our week.  Nothing too exciting, but productive.  I’ll post a link to the Weekly Wrap Up when it’s available.

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  1. What a great experience for your girls to be able to perform in The Nutcracker! It's a favourite for me even though I've seen it countless times already!


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